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As ICT integration specialists in the education space, our passion is to make learning more enjoyable, engaging and exciting for students while making teaching more rewarding, empowering and easier for educators.

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Since 2001, when we introduced electronic whiteboards to South Africa, we have led the way in educational technology. And today, we still lead by providing the most comprehensive communication technology products and services to educational institutions in provincial and national education departments. We also supply our services to corporates for training and meeting rooms. At VastraTech, we are still at the forefront of enriching young (and some not-so-young) minds.

VastraTech Solutions

The technology we supply at VastraTech has seen enormous growth since 2020. The global effects of Covid-19 on education have been dramatic. For instance, over 1.5 billion learners in 176 countries* had experienced school closures within the first three months of the pandemic. Since then, the combination of e-learning and hybrid learning has grown exponentially because it's such an effective way for educators to connect with learners.
*According to internetsociety.org
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At VastraTech, we provide educational institutions and private companies with a complete range of world-class educational solutions. Whether interactive classroom technologies or distance learning systems, we enable educators and students to collaborate in the most innovative, engaging, and effective ways.
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