About Us

About VastraTech

With the remarkable benefits of edTech fast gaining acceptance, it’s hardly surprising that many technology companies have started to supply equipment.

However, as we have learned over our two decades plus of serving education institutions and corporates, educational technology is a highly specialised field that requires strategic planning, designing, implementation, and integration. 

It’s a tightly focussed speciality that defines the way we at VastraTech work with our clients: it necessitates long-term close collaboration to make informed decisions to assure successful and sustainable solutions.

It also requires know-how and insights into all aspects of education. And on these issues, our unmatched experience as an educational technology managed service provider means we stand alone in the sector.

Our Vision

To promote effective and efficient utilisation of EdTech tools for modern teaching and learning practices with successful outcomes. We provide e-learning and collaboration tools that re-imagine education and learning spaces to foster the 4 Cs to contribute to effective learning and innovation – critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication.

Our Mission

To serve organisations in the education, enterprise and continuing professional development (CPD) environment by providing an end-to-end EdTech ecosystem. It ensures that educational organisations benefit from world-class technology solutions that enable educators and students to engage fully. Then, collaboration occurs in the most innovative ways through interactive classroom technologies, learner-enabling tools, and distance learning solutions.

Our People

In addition to our vast experience in planning, designing and implementing edTech solutions, spanning over 20-years, we also have much first-hand knowledge of the front lines of teaching. Within our staff complement are many ex-teachers, and ex-education administrators, so we understand the challenges and pressures that educators face on a daily basis. Our experience and expertise have resulted in over 50 000 educators being trained on how to integrate and leverage the technology to enable more effective teaching and learning.