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E-Learning Tools

At VastraTech, we provide educational institutions and private companies with a complete range of world-class educational solutions. Whether interactive classroom technologies or distance learning systems, we enable educators and students to collaborate in the most innovative, engaging, and effective ways.

Specifically, we help our customers plan, design, implement and operate the hardware and software infrastructure.

Then, once the system is operational and the educators fully trained through our Professional Development programmes, we measure the output and recommend adjustments to achieve optimal results.

Our Software

At the heart of everything we do lies our VastraTech methodology. It’s powered by some of the most innovative educational software in the world. Such as lesson delivery software for interactive content presentation and collaboration. Learning management systems that empower educators and learners. Plus, student information systems that make documentation, tracking, reporting and automation easier for administrators. At VastraTech, we only ever use best of breed options.

The Platform

Central to all the technology we offer is  lesson and content delivery platform, a cloud-based learning system for collaborative learning built by educators for educators. Accessible from any device, anywhere, the platform creates course material and controls all the communications between educators and learners.

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Digital Learning Tools

By integrating various web-based educational technologies, Lumino by Smart Technologies has revolutionised in-class and remote teaching and learning.

Lumio inspires learners to actively explore, create, and collaborate as they engage with their teachers.

For the educators, Lumio is a huge time-saver. In prepping lessons, the programme allows them to transform PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Notebook files into engaging lessons with interactive activities, games, group workspaces and assessments

Lumio’s ability to support group work and collaboration makes it a highly dynamic and versatile tool for delivering fascinating, appealing, and practical lessons.

Endless Resources At Your Fingertips

A wide range of content aggregators available to you regarding teaching material makes planning, prepping, and delivering outstanding lessons so much easier.

Some of the most popular include Snapliffy, Africa’s largest ebook aggregator that supplies over 240 000 e-textbooks. And Teacha!, that offers thousands of digital teaching resources, many of which are free-to-use.

Then there’s the most extensive content  and digital learning tool globally, Lumio by Smart, which provides access to some 60 million interactive lessons.

These teaching resources are available in all practical formats: multimedia, video, animation, illustrations, photography and game-based material. In addition, you can import your lesson or create your own by uploading material using a multitude of apps and tools like PDF, Google slide, PowerPoint and YouTube.

Great Lessons Are Forever

Great lessons are memorable, but Panopto Smart Recorder software takes them to another level. It is fully integrated with the Brightspace learner management system. Panopto records lessons as video files and stores them safely on the cloud. So a teacher’s best efforts are no longer one-off events.

Learners can then download and stream the lessons onto any device, anywhere, anytime, to learn at their own pace. The video management content includes text and vocalised keyword searches, so there’s no need to search endlessly for specific topics.

Live Stream Classes To Remote Learners

Make courses available to more students, regardless of physical classroom space. With Panopto, you can support virtual learning in more lessons. Panopto’s one-click webcasting capability makes it easy to securely live stream classes, expanding access to in-demand courses and enhancing the learning experience for a diverse student body. After the live stream ends, Panopto automatically shares a recording with students, who can watch and re-watch on-demand.

There's Nothing You Can't Show

Every class is different. In ECON 201, you only need to capture audio and the professor’s PowerPoint slides. In STAT 390, you also need to record a document camera. In BIO 453, there are two fixed IP cameras, a wireless mic system, two laptops, and a polarizing microscope.

Panopto is the only lecture capture system built with the flexibility to record any combination of video sources, in any configuration, in classrooms of any size. And Panopto scales with ease to meet your institution’s needs — from small departmental deployments to campus-wide installations.

Our Hardware

Our policy concerning hardware is always to put you first by providing the best of breed technology to suit your specific needs.

This is why we remain technology agnostic.

We also supply a wide range of devices to suit the specific needs of learners, teachers and administrators. And these include laptops, 2-in-1 hybrids and tablets.

Regarding interactive flat panels (IFPs), we are proud to be a Platinum Partner with Smart Technologies, the 30-year global leader in EdTech.

Huawei is another IFP manufacturer that we represent. Huawei has established a solid reputation for highly innovative, collaborative classrooms and hybrid learning technology. To date, Huawei has installed edTech systems in 2 600 universities and over 500 000 schools worldwide.

Learning Management System

The lynchpin for all our technology – servicing the needs of Grade 0 learners to varsity students to corporate employees – is the Learning Management System.

The LMS is a web-based software application that assists educators in preparing lesson content by seamlessly integrating a plethora of online resources. And then delivering the lesson, be it in-class or remotely.

At VastraTech, we recommend D2L’s Brightspace, one of the most innovative and user-friendly LMS systems available.

Brightspace allows the educator to monitor each learner’s participation and assess their performance whilst providing quick video or audio feedback. They can also grade assignments and give immediate feedback on the go using the Brightspace mobile app.

% Uptime

The extra nine is no accident.  A rock-solid reliable learning platform.

% Modern Cloud Technology

Operating on a reliable, and secure global cloud infrastructure.

% Customer Satisfaction

With unprecedented demand in 2020, we put our customers first, and they love us for it.

Student Information System

The Student Information System (SIS) is also a web-based platform. It assists administrators by providing the real-time data needed to effectively manage learner profiles, documentation, reporting, and automating all processes.

An SIS platform is invaluable for so many reasons: learner enrolment, curriculum planning, plus monitoring day-to-day activities such as attendance, assignments handed in, tests and examination results, and generating reports and managing data.

And being an intelligent platform, it integrates all activities between learners, teachers, parents and administrators.

SSO Authentication With A Single Click

Everything we do at VastraTech is aimed at delivering education in the simplest, most stress-free way imaginable.

To that end, using Microsoft Azure’s Single Sign-On (SSO) cloud-based authentication system, users can log in with a single ID and password to access the complete range of software platforms used throughout the VastraTech solution.

The beauty of this is that if a password is lost or forgotten, the SSO will authenticate the learner’s identity across all the platforms, with little to no time lost.

By accessing multiple applications with a single authentication process, the SSO simplifies and streamlines the process and eliminates the need for learners to remember a lengthy list of passwords, which is a major plus when dealing with the youngest learners.

Microsoft Azure’s SSO multi-factor authentication also helps to protect users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks.

Live Broadcasting

A significant feature of our VastraTech solutions is the seamless collaboration and interactivity between educators and learners. For efficient, effortless live broadcasting services, there are many video conferencing platforms to choose from, and we can facilitate whichever you are most comfortable with or with which you have an existing contract.

As one of the most useful collaborative remote learning tools in education, video conferencing platforms are becoming more sophisticated by the day.

Feature-rich, many of these platforms offer free unlimited services such as chat, phone, webinars, online events, and audio and video calls. Plus, varying amounts of cloud-based storage both for a class and for individual learners.

They also allow many valuable facilities: Classroom to classroom communications; teacher to individual learner; teacher to subgroup in a virtual break-out room; learners to learners.

They allow for comments and annotations to be made. For multimedia files to be shared, and for class appointments and reminders to be distributed. And the recording feature means that learners can revisit a lesson as often as they need to.

Third Party Content

Of the many online educational resource providers, Snapliffy is a firm favourite. Using thousands of schools, colleges, and universities throughout South Africa, Snapliffy is a treasure trove of teaching material and educational content.

As the most extensive digital educational marketplace and the most prominent content aggregator in Africa, Snapliffy is a one-stop shop for e-textbooks and the resources needed to prepare engaging lessons.

Snapliffy also runs the most extensive online teaching community platform in Africa. Called Teacha!. It provides thousands of digital education resources created by teachers for teachers.