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Since 2001, when we introduced electronic whiteboards to South Africa, we have led the way in educational technology. And today, we still lead by providing the most comprehensive communication technology products and services to educational institutions in provincial and national education departments. We also supply our services to corporates for training and meeting rooms. At VastraTech, we are still at the forefront of enriching young (and some not-so-young) minds.

Training & Support

From grade 0 to postgrad, we're with you all the way.
At VastraTech, we offer bespoke, end-to-end edTech solutions suitable for our clients' needs and budgets. However, leveraging the best hybrid learning solutions, interactive collaboration technologies, and distance learning solutions requires far more than installing hardware.

For Educators

Through our simple to use, plug-and-play interactive hybrid learning solutions, teaching becomes far more rewarding. It begins with planning and prepping your lessons using the endless array of resources available to you and accessing them through your preferred tools, before engaging with learners on any device and receiving instant feedback. Then there's the greatest satisfaction of all; knowing that you are stimulating and inspiring your learners at every turn.

Game-Based Learning

Why are learners so enthralled with our interactive technology? It's because they're far more motivated and inspired to learn when they're having fun.
And this is what game-based learning and collaborative activities provide.
Pursuits such as teamwork, points accumulation, competition and quizzes between peers, scoring league tables, and issuing e-certificates for passing tests motivate learners to understand and absorb knowledge. Activities that inevitably lead to improved outcomes.

For Administrators

Along with our Vastratech LMS and SIS solutions come a wealth of added value benefits. Our monitoring and evaluation process improves performance and assists your current and future management of outputs, outcomes, and impact. The reporting mechanisms provide a wealth of data that provide valuable insights into how well the system is working and if and when adjustments are needed. Plus, the reassurance that every aspect of support is just a phone call or an email away.

For Corporates

At VastraTech, we provide tools, resources and international best practices that assist companies – large or small – with far better outcomes for their training and skills development efforts. And, as our systems have consistently delivered over the past two decades, it's a learning methodology that's as engaging as it possibly can be. So whether your employees work remotely or hybrid, we can design and craft a bespoke edTech solution that will show a handsome return on your investment.

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